Each user has a dashboard which shows their project applications, their collaborations and reviews of applications which have been assigned to them.

Project Summary

Opening a project from the dashboard gives the user a summary of the project application. The user can open the application from here to edit it and also upload support documents which will be listed here as appendices. Collaborators can be added to the project as well and these will see the project listed in their collaboration panels on their dashboards. Amendments can also be added in response to reviews and the approval/decision history for the project can be viewed.


When the applicant opens an application, a series of check lists and questions are presented for completion. These are customized for each client. Only sections which are relevant are presented for completion and irrelevant sections are skipped.

Once the applicant has signed and submitted the application, the administrator or decision maker can open the application for review.

Project review

Once a project is opened for review, the application and its appendices and amendments can be opened for inspection.  The application or amendment can be assigned  to reviewers. When a project is assigned to a reviewer, the reviewer receives an automated notification email and the project appears in the review panel on the reviewer’s dashboard.

When a reviewer completes a review, it can be viewed from this page. The decision maker can also open and edit a decision page to inspect the reviewer comments and to compose a decision letter to the applicant. Once a decision letter is ready,  an automated notification is emailed to the applicant and their supervisor.

Reviewer Feedback

The reviewer can inspect the project under review and completes a check list, makes a recommendation with comments and submits the review to the chair.


The decision letter can be composed in the feedback section of the decision page with a decision of whether the application has been accepted, rejected or whether it needs amendments. Once the applicant is notified, the decision appears in the project summary page of the applicant.


The overview page gives administrators access to all projects on the system. Projects can be administered and opened for review.
Administrators can reset project status and change the ownership of projects if needed and notes can be attached to projects for management purposes.
Users and their system privileges can also be managed.
Some institutions will typically generate several hundred applications per year and filtering and sort tools are provided to manage these lists.