Lucille Valentine

I am a member of the Moonshare Co-operative and we produce the awesome Earth Pathways Diary. The 2017 diary has just come off the press. Remember to follow us on facebook.

I am the chair of the Newcastle Philosophy Society.

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This amazing photo is by Linda Basson. To get more like them contact me and I will put you in touch with her.


Astrology is an ancient science and it is an art. It is a mirror with many facets in which the astrologer can show you your self.

  • Natal chart readings – to highlight your patterns, your gifts and life skills, and how effective each part of your life is. What are your job needs? How do you handle money? What are your relationships’ needs?
  • Get guidance during crises.
  • A view of the year ahead.
  • couple consultations.

I am a professional astrologer currently living in Newcastle upon Tyne and trained in Cape Town, South Africa. I completed Rod Suskin’s “challenging three-year Diploma course in professional astrology” in 2003.

And in case you wanted to know, my first job was with the CSIR as a chemical engineering technician and then after finishing my BSc in Computer Science, I worked in the IT field with some necessary pauses for birthing and breastfeeding. So I am perfectly suited to the noble calling of astrology, a life long study.

Personal consultations

These I do by phone or skype or face to face in Newcastle upon Tyne. Contact me by email {click here to email Lucille} and I will get back to you with times for an appointment. I need the following to do the reading:

Your date of birth, and an accurate time of birth as well as the place of birth. What does this give you?

I use the birth data to prepare the reading ahead of time and when I call you on a landline or we connect in one of the agreed ways the reading will last approximately one hour. South African clients can pay me into my SA bank account.